Welcome to IU Bloomington's Online Math Placement Exams

Online Placement Exam Fee - $54 (nonrefundable)
The IU Bloomington Online Placement Exam fee covers math and foreign language online placement exams. The fee will be assessed and appear on a student's bursar bill the first time a student logs in to take an online placement exam and it will cover any additional such exams taken for the academic year.
If you are not sure whether you need to take this exam, click here for more information.
You are required to take the online math placement exam (ALEKS) only once, but you can choose to take it up to three times, and you will have the opportunity to improve your score by taking the online tutorials that are built into the ALEKS system.

You will be leaving IU webspace and testing on the ALEKS secure server. When you click on the login button below, you may see a Central Authentication Service (CAS) Login screen. Just enter your IU network username and password. (If you don't see the CAS login, don't worry--it just means you have already authenticated on the IU site.)

For technical issues with ALEKS please go to http://support.aleks.com/assess_placement

While at New Student Orientation, your academic advisor will provide you with information about the interpretation of your score and placement. Information is also available here: https://math.indiana.edu/undergraduate/aleks-online-math-placement-score.html

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